Our Certification has undergone a name change... Introducing the Certified Staffing Professional Program

Authored By Carly Fordred

Following on from recent feedback from valued Members, we've embraced a name change to our current Certification program.

Now titled the Certified Staffing Professional Program, the name change has been made to reflect the diverse staff needs for relevant professional development in the knowledge areas of compliance and best practice when managing talent and clients. 

While the name has changed, the same great content and framework has not.

The integral compliance modules of Privacy, Equal Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination, Reference CheckingLicensing and Regulation, Workplace Migration and APSCo's own Code of Conduct remain.

Individuals who complete all six modules will now be recognised as Certified Staffing Professionals with new branding and logos to recognise and promote their achievements.

Those who completed the program under the previous name, the Recruitment Professional Certification Program, will be re-issued a new certificate with the updated name, and also receive access to a suite of recognition logos, banners and position statements to share with clients and stakeholders.

If you're undergoing headcount growth in 2022, or developing your consultants for career growth, the Certified Staffing Professional Program will equip your team with the compliance knowledge and support to significantly drive their conversations and support commercial success. Get in touch with APSCo today and enrol your teams!

Talk to Janielle about certifying your team in 2022

Get in touch with Janielle Wilson at APSCo Australia to discuss enrolment in the Certified Staffing Professional Program. Staff can enrol independently or businesses can enrol staff in groups with discounts available for groups of 5 or more.

Janielle Wilson, Member Development and Services Officer: janielle@apscoau.org

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