Introducing Danielle; your new Membership Engagement Executive

Authored By Carly Fordred

We are thrilled to announce APSCo Australia's new team member, Danielle Watterson.

Please join us in welcoming Danielle Watterson, who has been appointed APSCo Australia's Membership Engagement Executive.

Danielle has extensive experience in the UK recruitment industry across a variety of roles, markets, and sectors.

She will engage with members regularly to collect feedback, and to understand where and how we can bring even greater value to your APSCo membership.

  • Does your business have specific training needs this year?
  • Do you need extra resources to support your business?
  • How is the market affecting your business - and how can APSCo help?
  • What would you like to see more of?
  • What gaps can we help you fill?

As your trusted membership association, APSCo is here to listen and to take steps to support and ensure your business gets the most from its membership.

If you would like to discuss with Danielle how APSCo can assist your business needs, you can book a 1-1 with Danielle directly via this link, or via email here. Danielle's details and booking calendar will be permanently available on the APSCo Australia website

Join with us in extending a warm welcome to Danielle, and please connect with her on LinkedIn. We are confident that her appointment will deliver extra value to your membership in 2024.


Please note that Danielle's working days are Monday-Thursday.