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As the complexity and compliance of running a recruitment business continues to tighten, Directors face significant penalties and impact to business operations without good governance.

APSCo Australia is thrilled to bring back our second 2 x half-day masterclass on Directors' Duties. This masterclass aims to inform leaders on their duties and obligations in running an efficient and compliant business, and provide insight and practical solutions to stay compliant against a technical backdrop of Tax, Corporate, Employment and WHS Law considerations.

The sessions, led by the Employment and Corporate teams from Squire Patton Boggs and Paul Masters from Sovereign Private; will include Q&A time, and dissecting a hypothetical scenario, which brings all the learnings to life. You will walk away equipped to implement strategies to reduce risk and maintain high levels of operating standards to uphold your business value.

Read what our recent attendees had to say

Day 1 will cover:

  • Tax Considerations for Officers and Shareholders  

  • Corporate structures and tax considerations

  • Directors & Officers Duties

  • Good Corporate Governance

  • Employment law

Day 2 will cover: 

  • Work Health & Safety

  • A Hypothetical case study, bringing all the knowledge together

Places in this course are limited. Should demand outweigh availability, we will endeavour to run this masterclass again. Please contact us if you are interested in attending on an alternative date.

The Masterclass will run in Canberra on a future date.


See what previous attendees have said about our 2-day masterclass for Directors

 I recently completed the APSCo Masterclass for Directors course that proved to be immensely beneficial in broadening my understanding of the multifaceted responsibilities of a director. The program provided a thorough exploration of board governance, offering insights into the complex landscape directors must adeptly manage.

What sets this course apart is its suitability for directors at all stages of their careers. Whether you're a seasoned director, a newcomer to the boardroom, or preparing to step into a leadership role, the course offers valuable knowledge and practical tools to navigate the challenges ahead.

One of the most valuable aspects of the course was its relevance to current business realities. Through in-depth discussions on mergers and acquisitions, listing requirements, directors’ liability and other pertinent matters, the curriculum ensured that participants were well-equipped to handle the diverse array of issues directors may encounter. Additionally, the course reflected on current legislation, including tax and superannuation laws, providing actionable insights that directly translate into effective decision-making.

Overall, I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to build a comprehensive understanding of board governance while staying abreast of the latest industry developments. It's a vital investment in your professional growth and preparedness for the challenges of directorship.


Megan Woodbury, Chief Financial Officer - Global, Talent International


Before enrolling in the APSCo Directors Masterclass for the recruitment industry, I felt I lacked some of the confidence in understanding the duties of a director in the recruitment sector. I had a sturdy grasp of recruitment practices, but I felt lacked the governance knowledge one would require to be a director. This course completely changed that. 

The program offered a comprehensive and insightful look at the unique challenges directors face in the Australian recruitment landscape. From navigating complex legal and ethical considerations to fostering a high-performing compliance culture, the masterclass covered it all. The course not only equipped me with valuable knowledge but also boosted my confidence.

What truly impressed me was the calibre of the presenters and participants. The presenters were seasoned professionals that had worked closely with the recruitment industry for many years. Each presenter generously shared their experiences and insights on challenges directors faced. My fellow participants came from diverse recruitment backgrounds, creating a rich learning environment where we could share challenges and solutions.

This APSCo Directors Masterclass is an absolute must for any aspiring or existing recruitment director who wants to make a real impact. It's an investment that will pay off for you, your team, and your business.


Luke McCoy, CRO, Talent International



The APSCo Directors Duties course is simply a must for Directors and key people within an organisation.

The course I attended in Sydney was engaging due to the small group and the manner in which the facilitators discussed topics, delivered real life case studies, and involved all participants.

It was by far the best training I have undertaken on such a dry subject! I came away with (way too many) additions to our risk register and actions to implement...which was in some ways scary but in reality, a fantastic reminder of what organisations need to do in an ever-changing legal landscape.

Sean Wood, CEO, Keane Consulting