APSCo Australia Logos, Member Position Statement and Terms and Conditions of Use


APSCo Australia Members (Full and Affiliate) and Recruitment Professionals have access to logos to use to profile their Association Membership and accreditation and, more importantly, to demonstrate their commitment to business best practice and individual professionalism. The logos are a badge of quality and can be used proudly on print and digital media. The Terms and Conditions of use and branding guidelines are strictly monitored by APSCo Australia’s quality managers.


The Member position statement has been prepared to assist businesses identify, communicate and promote the badge of quality that their Membership of APSCo in Australia represents. Some examples of where Members can use the statement include, but are not limited to:

  • On company websites
  • On company social media profiles and posts
  • In tender submissions and other documentation to key external stakeholders
  • In communication with staff, contractors and workforces,
  • In communication with prospective and current clients and candidates