The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) was formed to give all firms involved in the recruitment of professional talent, that have a commitment to excellence, the specialist support and distinctive voice they need to be successful.  APSCo gives candidates and employers an internationally trusted badge of quality whilst providing Member companies with an innovative range of programs and resources designed to develop their businesses and their talent as well as gain competitive advantage. 


Our Brand


The APSCo brand is recognised globally to represent:


Respect: acknowledging the importance of professional recruitment companies and advocating the value and quality of the services provided.

Integrity: displaying best practice and quality benchmarks in all stakeholder relationships.

Relationships: developing connections between all stakeholders to encourage advancement through networks, services and peer support.

Leadership: providing information, business intelligence, and innovative ideas to spur business success for stakeholders.

Success: creating an efficient and financially secure organisation that delivers outcomes to support the business growth of stakeholders.


Our Purpose


APSCo Australia’s purpose is to be the Association of choice for the professional recruitment and talent management sector.


Our Commitment


APSCo Australia’s commitment is to inform and govern the conduct of all Members companies by:

  • delivering: research and benchmarking to inform public policy discussion
  • establishing business and professional benchmarks through education and advice
  • building programs and campaigns to support business growth and competitive advantage and exposure to global opportunities
  • enforcing the requirements set by the Code of Conduct, Rules, Guidelines and Constitution that govern all Members

The purpose and commitment, combined with APSCo’s growing international profile gives Members of APSCo in Australia the opportunity to benefit from the established branding and business support that has been developed over APSCo’s evolution.