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Current Issue # 4 - September 2021

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Inside this Issue

Member and Partner news
WorkPro amplifies its solution with Employment Medical Checks
Vincere debuts in G2's high performance mid-market category
FastTrack announces partnership with ManpowerGroup
News and views from APSCo's Directors 

Stephen Smith, Anthony Whyte, James Liley, John McCluskey, Melissa Occhipinti, 
Laila Billberg and Andrew Turner share their news and views on the past 3 months of business.
NEW this issue - International News
APSCo UK, APSCo Germany and APSCo Asia provide insight into the current state of play in their recruitment markets.
Flexible finance solutions for APSCo Members
Find out how APSCo Premium Partner Westpac is helping businesses to maximise cashflow and unlock future opportunities.
Insurance supports health and wellbeing
Mark Laudrum of BrokersOnline considers how financial wellbeing plays a key role, 
alongside both mental and physical health, as part of everyone’s general wellbeing.

Make sure your spreadsheets don’t add up to a hill of beans
Thomas Taylor of Middle Office explains one of the most common problems for recruitment agencies.
Why contractor care matters
 Darren Berson, Founder of Platinum WFM explains how to give your recruitment agency a massive competitive advantage.


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