The APSCo Australia logo is an assurance of quality in the professional staffing and recruitment sector as well as indicative of a business committed to ethical best practice.

APSCo Australia’s Constitution and Rules & Guidelines

APSCo Australia is a public company limited by guarantee and as such is governed by a Constitution. All Members, on acceptance into the Association commit to being bound by the Constitution and Rules & Guidelines. The most comprehensive Guideline is the Code of Conduct. The Rules contain Dispute Resolution Procedures at Chapter 6 which are contractually binding rules.

APSCo Australia Annual General Meeting and Other Reporting to Members

APSCo Australia’s Annual General Meeting is held in March of each year where, as appropriate, newly elected Directors are ratified, the Annual Report of the Chair of Directors and the Managing Director are presented to the Members along with any important Resolutions  

APSCo Australia Annual Reports are accissible by logged in Members under Association Resources in the Member Resource Library.

APSCo Australia's Code of Conduct

The professional standard for APSCo Australia Members, the Code of Conduct, outlines a standard of conduct that all classes of APSCo Australia Members must adhere to. It states the commitment to ethical and professional practice expected of APSCo Australia Members and more specifically outlines the standards regarding key relationships with other APSCo Members, candidates and clients.

To support Members and their teams in understanding the APSCo Code of Conduct, there is now an e-learning module that is available to complete for free for all Members. The module also makes up 1/6th of the content in the APSCo Australia Recruitment Professional Certification Program.

The Code of Conduct enforceability

Behaviour that breaches the Code of Conduct may result in the imposition of sanctions of the type provided by the rules that govern APSCo Australia, as an incorporated entity, under relevant state and Commonwealth law. When a Member joins APSCo Australia they agree to abide by the standard of conduct outlined in the Code of Conduct.

Lodging a Conduct Grievance against an APSCo Member

Complaints can be submitted to the APSCo Australia Code of Conduct Committee by completing the Code of Conduct Grievance Lodgement Form. Please ensure you read all instructions at the start of the form before lodging.  Access here

NOTE: APSCo Australia cannot rule in matters of a contractual nature but can direct Members to a mediation process. If you have any questions lodge a question here.