Labour hire licensing schemes have been introduced in a number of Australian jurisdictions to regulate the labour hire sector. With the definition of labour hire provider being as broad as “A labour hire provider is a person who, as part of carrying on a business, supplies labour hire workers to do work for another person or business (the labour hire user).” Labour, in the broadest sense includes all types of worker although there are exemptions outlined in each set of regulations.

Details of each scheme, as they are finalised, are available on the relevant Government websites. To date these are:


South Australia:


To assist Members in understanding their obligations and to prepare and submit license applications across all jurisdictions APSCo Australia has a number of resources and services available. 


Licensing Preparation Service

Certex International provides a licensing preparation program to ensure all APSCO Members confirm they meet labour hire licensing compliance requirements and documentation, including correct business registrations before they lodge applications. Click here to find out more


The APSCo Business Verification Review (a Member Benefit) is the first step.