APSCo Australia is a trusted, internationally recognised badge of quality to Governments and regulators, candidates, contractors and employees, employers and clients. 


Businesses seeking Membership are bound to support the APSCo Code of Conduct and to maintain a high level of honesty, integrity and consultant professionalism. As a membership pre-requisite companies must complete the Business Verification Review, before being accepted or, in the case of current Members, on renewal. To strengthen current regulatory requirements, e.g. labour hire or employment agency licensing, this externally assessed Verification is an indicator that the company is monitored for best practice as part of their Association Membership.


The APSCo Australia Business Verification Review consists of four parts:

Review of public information – conducted by APSCo on receipt of application.

Business Verification Review (BVR) – interview and report by Certex International, an accredited certification body   with the Joint Accreditation System - Australia New Zealand (JAS-ANZ), for the purpose of issuing certificates in Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management Standards.

Director’s Declaration including fit and proper person, legal compliance.

Financial Verification as a 100 point check.


The Review includes:

Business Registration

Statutory obligation remittances

Legislative requirements for employment policies and procedures

Risk management processes

Directors as fit and proper persons

Financial viability

Talent management including contractor arrangements, third party agreements

Employee management including induction, qualifications, visas, entitlements.

Any areas of non-compliance are followed through with business support and resources before Membership is accepted.


APSCo Australia Full Member companies provide their clients the benefits of highly experienced staffing and recruitment professionals with knowledge in the supply and/or management of talent with expertise in specialisms including: accounting, architecture, banking, contract management, education, engineering, executive, finance, HR services, information, communication & technology, information management, insurance, media & digital marketing and medical locums.


APSCo Australia Affiliate Member companies supply products and services to organisations across Australia and internationally.  Areas as diverse as insurance, AI solutions, software platforms, video tools, immigration, work health and safety, banking, accounting, HR, background checks, payroll services, advertising, training and more are among the Affiliates reviewed and profiled by APSCo Australia.

Membership is reviewed annually, before renewal, to ensure there are no emerging issues. 


APSCo Australia Certified Recruitment Professionals are consultants who have undertaken a regulatory knowledge based study program and an external examination in key areas of compliance and legislation that are the basis of best practice in the engagement of talent. 


The Study Program includes:

The Australian Workplace Migration System

Regulation incl Licensing & the APSCo Australia Code of Conduct

Employment incl Contracts and Modern Awards·       


Equal Employment Opportunity and anti-Discrimination

Work Health & Safety

Reference Checking


Certification must be renewed annually, by continued study and examination, to ensure knowledge currency.

See our Member Directory for a full list and contact details of current Full and Affiliate Members.