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Sentio Health - 10% discount




APSCo Australia Affiliate Partner Sentio Health believe that healthy organisations are built by healthy employees. Having found found that mental health issues are still ignored or stigmatised. All too often, stress is worn like a badge of courage.

Sentio Health, a new Employee Wellness Program, is here to help.

As an introduction to the work they do, Sentio Health are offering APSCo Members a 10% discount on a tailored Counselling and Workplace Support program.

This includes:

  • One-on-one counselling
  • Advice to managers to support staff
  • Outplacement support services
  • Group support, if required

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CareerOne - 20% discount off the rate-card + pay nothing until August 1



Recently, APSCo Australia was approached by CareerOne and introduced to its new Australian-built platform.

As part of this introduction, we received a thorough demonstration of the platform and invested time getting to know the “new” CareerOne and their unique offering.

We learned that the focus of the new CareerOne platform is to make it easy for job hunters to find jobs that match their profile, and understand their suitability to roles before they apply - an approach that is resulting in improved candidate quality and a better experience for candidates and advertisers alike, according to the company.

We’ve built a solid foundation with the team at CareerOne and are thrilled to announce that APSCo Members will have the opportunity to trial the new platform, being one of the first cohorts within the recruitment industry to be granted this access.

Secondly, we’ve negotiated an exclusive offer for APSCo Members who would like to advertise via the CareerOne platform:

  • 20% discount off the CareerOne rate-card, and
  • Any Member to sign up to a CareerOne subscription tier agreement pays nothing until the 1st of August with the option to opt-out. (CareerOne will contact you if you wish to proceed, prior to switching to a paid subscription.)

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