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20% discount off the CareerOne rate-card
10% Discount

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FREE Finance and Back Office Health Check
Free candidate onboarding and benefit solution
15% discount on all e-Learning costs
Zero contact compliance course
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APositive Workforce Finance

APositive Workforce Finance are offering APSCo Members a FREE Finance and Back Office Health Check to assess opportunities for improvement within their business.

Members who complete the following health check will be contacted by an APositive Workforce Finance Consultant to discuss the findings and any areas identified for improvement.

Click here to complete the Finance and Back Office Health Check  

CareerOne - 20% discount off the rate-card

Recently, APSCo Australia was approached by CareerOne and introduced to its new Australian-built platform.

As part of this introduction, we received a thorough demonstration of the platform and invested time getting to know the “new” CareerOne and their unique offering.

We learned that the focus of the new CareerOne platform is to make it easy for job hunters to find jobs that match their profile, and understand their suitability to roles before they apply - an approach that is resulting in improved candidate quality and a better experience for candidates and advertisers alike, according to the company.

We’ve built a solid foundation with the team at CareerOne and are thrilled to announce that APSCo Members will have the opportunity to trial the new platform, being one of the first cohorts within the recruitment industry to be granted this access.

Secondly, we’ve negotiated an exclusive offer of 20% discount off the CareerOne rate-card for APSCo Members who would like to advertise via the CareerOne platform.

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FastTrack - free candidate onboarding and benefit solution

The recruitment and staffing industry is facing unprecedented change, and FastTrack360 is excited to announce they are offering a free candidate onboarding and benefit solution to all customers in Australia.

The FastTrack360 and Flare HR partnership enables businesses to digitise the candidate onboarding experience, automate HR compliance and enable recruiters and candidates to operate more productively, and where required, remotely.

To help further enhance the candidate experience and help agencies better attract and retain workers, the partnership will also provide a free benefits and discounts portal. The portal has hundreds of discounts across retail, supermarkets, hospitality and more for free, and allows you to distribute any other benefits and perks digitally.

For more information,visit https://fasttrack.com.au/news/fasttrack360-offers-customers-free-onboarding-and-benefits-via-new-partnership-with-flare/ 

Gallagher Workplace Risk - 15% off e-Learning

The sudden shift to work from home arrangements which most organisations have recently undergone have been challenging and swift. While most organisations have adapted exceptionally well, the reality is that this sudden and necessary operational change does create new risks, compliance requirements and people management considerations for employers.

In partnering with APSCo Australia, Gallagher Workplace Risk are committed to developing resources and tools which support you to protect your people. More specifically, we have developed the below outlined eLearning packages which engage your workforce, provide essential information and guidance in these times and support you to meet your workplace health and safety obligations.

eLearning Module One – Working From Home: How to Work Well

  • How to maximise an ergonomic set-up with what is available in the home
  • How to create an effective working from home routine to maintain productivity
  • How to maintain team culture – physical distancing but social engagement
  • Strategies to maintain motivation and engagement in work

eLearning Module Two – Maintaining Wellbeing Amidst Change and Challenge

  • How change and challenge can impact mental health
  • How to monitor your wellbeing
  • Strategies to maintain positive mental wellbeing
  • Strategies to ensure work supports wellbeing
  • How to access workplace and community supports
  • How to ask for help

Working From Home Self-Assessment and Online Portal

  • Online self-assessment tool identifying areas of key risk in a work from home workforce, including;
  • Ergonomic
  • Safety and environmental considerations
  • Pre-existing injuries and vulnerabilities
  • Business operations; and
  • Psychosocial factors
  • Online reporting through a risk priority scale for every assessment undertaken and identification of targeted supportive or preventative actions
  • Key stakeholder access to a portal dashboard containing all reporting and real time email notifications regarding high risk workers

*please see a brief demo video below of the Working From Home: How to Work Well Module



Option One – Self Implementation

Provision of the co-branded eLearning packages in file formats compatible with your existing online learning platform, including traceable engagement and assessment content.

Required from you… a high resolution organisation logo and details of existing online learning platform

Option Two – Supported Implementation

Management of an external learning platform to provide co-branded eLearning modules to all workplace participants and routine reporting regarding engagement and completion.

Required from you... a high resolution organisation logo, complete participant details and workplace stakeholder who can assist with internal communications and reporting.


Our standard pricing is listed below, however once we understand your needs and the size of your workforce we would be more than happy to provide a refined quotation including capping of the per-head cost. Please note, all products can be purchased in isolation or as a package.

***APSCo Members receive 15% discount on all costs***

1. eLearning Module One

Module access (per head)

$ 20.00

Integration and set-up support

$ 200.00

2. eLearning Module Two

Module access (per head)

$ 20.00

Integration and set-up support

$ 200.00 or complimentary if purchased with module one

3. WFH Self-Assessment and Online Portal

$ 20.00 or $15.00 per head if purchased with module one

If you would like any further information regarding these products or a formal proposal, please reach out to Brianna Cattanach and ensure that you highlight your APSCo Australia membership.

Brianna Cattanach
National Principal - Education and Training - Workplace Risk
M 0423 875 145

Manage Damage - Zero contact compliance course

Manage Damage is offering APSCo members a "zero contact compliance" course for employees and workforces working from home, replacing the need for a qualified ergonomist to enter the home and assess each worker.

The course has written text for those who like to read, narrated video for those who prefer to listen and assured competency tests to prove the course has sunk in.

There’s also a comprehensive working from home guide, a self-assessment tool and a WFH policy template. 


Sentio Health - 10% discount

APSCo Australia Affiliate Partner Sentio Health believe that healthy organisations are built by healthy employees. Having found found that mental health issues are still ignored or stigmatised. All too often, stress is worn like a badge of courage.

Sentio Health, a new Employee Wellness Program, is here to help.

As an introduction to the work they do, Sentio Health are offering APSCo Members a 10% discount on a tailored Counselling and Workplace Support program.

This includes:

  • One-on-one counselling
  • Advice to managers to support staff
  • Outplacement support services
  • Group support, if required

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TextUs - Free Trial Offer

Your team can test out TextUs for 30 days free of charge to connect with candidates, clients, and staff who are remote.

TextUs provide your team with templates, best messaging practices, and insights from the 80,000 recruiters who use TextUs to scale out thousands of texting conversations and ultimately drive more candidate conversations. TextUs have current integrations with Bullhorn, JobAdder, Salesforce, and many others. On average, staffing companies TextUs work with have been able to increase their response rates from 3% with email to 40% with texting.

Redeem the free trial by contacting Jack Michel, +61 419 832 121
jack@textus.com https://textus.com/