Recruit - The Savage Way Presentation - MELBOURNE

9:00am Tuesday, 18 July 2023
12:00pm Tuesday, 18 July 2023
Major Events
Melbourne Marriott Hotel
Corner Exhibition and Lonsdale Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000


APSCo is delighted to support Greg Savage and the launch of his new book, Recruit - The Savage Way with presentations across 6 Australian capital cities this July.

Greg Savage has been in recruitment for over four decades. He has been a recruiter and builder of recruitment companies, including three agencies that grew to over $100 million in sales. Currently on the Boards of 16 recruitment agencies, and with experience all over the world, there are few better placed to understand what makes a great recruiter and how to get there

Greg's first book, The Savage Truth, focused primarily on leadership and building recruitment companies. It's sold over 10,000 copies and still sells several hundred every month around the world.

Now Greg has released Recruit – The Savage Way which he describes as 'everything he has learned about excellent recruitment'.

Greg's presentation promises to be illuminating and fascinating as he draws from the book and anecdotes from his recruiting life.

  • The attitude and mindset need to thrive, including the secret of 'recruiter equity', real resilience, courage, PMA, and many more characteristics to measure yourself against the profile of the best recruiters.
  • The behaviours and activities of the very best, including the secret formula that drives the work style of all superb agency recruiters, how soft skills are more challenging than all the rest, the huge mistakes most recruiters make, pushback, and the golden metrics that underpin consistent success
  • Selling is listening, including the reason sales meetings fail, how to sell differentiators and value, brilliant sales questions, advanced BD tactics, fee negotiation skills, branding, social selling, and lessons from Greg's 2,000 client meetings.
  • Candidate skills, including the magic of unique and exclusive candidates, secret sourcing tools, uncovering real motivators, briefing and debriefing tactics, and how to deliver a job offer.
  • Client skills, including building trust, defining a good client, qualifying job orders, exclusivity, negotiating the job offer and client management.
  • Managing your recruitment career, including the three options your career path will go, tips for rookies, avoiding wasted emotion, and guarding your reputation

This presentation will summarise the critical skills, tactics, and attitudes required to be an outstanding agency recruiter, and every attendee will also walk away with a copy of Recruit - The Savage Way.

As a value-add, Greg will interview the best current recruiter he knows in each city to see how successful recruiters maximise success today - which in itself will be a fascinating listen.

This will be a wonderful morning of recruitment wisdom, insights from a top local performer, audience Q and A, and 128 chapters of recruiting gold with your very own copy of Recruit. The Savage Way.

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