Artificial Intelligence and strong relationships – does one exclude the other? Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

Julie Mills will be talking to Peter Stackpole the CEO and Founder of smartAI, an APSCo Affiliate,  about artificial intelligence and it’s continued march into businesses across the world – not just recruitment companies.

Implementing your digital ecosystem – what’s the key? Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

This discussion will focus more on the digital plan implementation, the skills needed to drive the plan through the business strategy, key metrics for measuring success and failure.

Digital Plan and Business Strategy - where do they intersect Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

The discussion this week will focus on the how the digital plan for a business intersects with the business strategy. Julie will aim to unravel the key elements of a digital plan, the priorities if you are starting from scratch (or re-starting!) does business size make a difference and more.

Tech hacks to boost your productivity Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

Looking for ways to improve and speed up your placements? Download this webinar to discover practical tips and tools that will make you more productive while keeping clients and candidates happy. 

IT General Knowledge Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

This webinar discusses IT General Knowledge.

IT security health checks where do I start? Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

This webinar discusses IT security and risk management concerns for the professional staffing and recruitment sector with respect to business critical and customer-related sensitive data and statutory data security compliance obligations.