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Study Packs 

Australian Workplace Migration System

Workplace Migration System Reading

Does your talent have right to work in Australia webinar

The rules around visas and skilled migration webinar

Vulnerable Worker Checklist

EEO and Anti-Discrimination

Equal Employment Opportunity and anti-discrimination

Equal Opportunity in Recruitment Guideline

EEO and Anti-Discrimination Policy


Employment including Contract and Modern Awards

A snapshot of contracting 

Employment Reading

Contract Templates Modern Awards Reading

Characteristics Rights Legislation Various Worker Models Matrix

Independent Contractor Matrix

Definitions Workers Matrix

So whats behind your contracts webinar


Privacy for Recruitment Professionals

Privacy Collection Notice Template

Privacy Policy Template

Privacy Reading

Ignore this game changer at your peril webinar

Recruitment Professionals and Privacy - what are my responsibilities? webinar


Reference Checking

Are my comments confidential? A referee's dilemma webinar

Reference Checking Reading

New Talent Engagement Checklist

Excuse me Referee - my client needs to know webinar

Reference Check Form


Regulation and Code of Conduct

What questions caused scores to drop webinar

The licensing smorgasbord webinar

Regulation Code of Conduct Reading

APSCo Australia Code of Conduct

Managing a Professional and Ethical Transition Members Guide

Managing a Professional and Ethical Transition Clients Guide

Time for a chat about labour-hire licensing, perhaps? webinar

Labour Hire Licensing Matrix Guide 


Work Health and Safety

Work Health and Safety Reading

WHS Responsibilities - how long is a piece of string webinar

WHS Policy Policy


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