The Recruit - The Savage Way tour in Australia is now finished.

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APSCo was delighted to support Greg Savage and the launch of his new book, Recruit - The Savage Way with presentations across 6 Australian capital cities during July.

Greg Savage has been in recruitment for over four decades. He has been a recruiter and builder of recruitment companies, including three agencies that grew to over $100 million in sales. Currently on the Boards of 16 recruitment agencies, and with experience all over the world, there are few better placed to understand what makes a great recruiter and how to get there

Greg's first book, The Savage Truth, focused primarily on leadership and building recruitment companies. It's sold over 10,000 copies and still sells several hundred every month around the world.

Now Greg has released Recruit – The Savage Way which he describes as 'everything he has learned about excellent recruitment'.

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