The APSCo Australia Recruitment Professional Certification Centre is under renovation

Since 2017, APSCo Australia’s Recruitment Professional Certification Program has delivered a self-managed, resource rich, knowledge-based Certification program to empower consultants to have confidence in their understanding of the complex elements of compliance when managing talent and clients.

The Certification Program was designed to inform and update recruiters throughout their career, from new talent entering the profession through to the more seasoned recruiter - equipping them with the compliance knowledge and support to significantly drive their conversations with clients and candidates to achieve best practice processes to support commercial success.

In 2020, the program will be taking on a new look and feel that will allow students more flexibility in the way they learn, as well as allowing companies to cater to the needs of their workforce as they arise. 

Existing students, please contact for any questions or support during this time.

For updates, stay tuned to APSCo Australia's social networks as we prepare for a Q3 relaunch of the APSCo Recruitment Professional Program.