How much will Membership cost?

You will notice below that when selecting a Membership type, there is no price listed. 

This is because APSCo Australia Membership costs vary depending on multiple factors including the category of Membership you are eligible for, the size of your workforce, how long you have been operating and whether you intend on paying annually or require a payment plan. 

Following submission of your application, APSCo will be in contact to discuss your scenario and provide a quote for your annual Membership cost.


What do I need to prepare for my Membership Application?

  • Your company name and head office contact details
  • Your ABN number and registration confirmation or a current ABN search record
  • Names and contact details for all company Directors
  • Evidence of any licences as per requirements in the states you operate in (Employment Agents or Labour Hire Licences)
  • A current staff list

What to expect from the Application Process

  1. If you have not already done so, you will first be directed to create an account with APSCo Australia. If you have an APSCo Login already and have not logged in for this session you can select the Login or Reset Password options on the first page.
  2. If a new account has been created you will be required to respond to the automatic confirmation email to reset your password.
  3. Once an account is registered, you will log in to access your My Portal page and will be required to complete each of the outstanding tasks that appear as button links at the top of your landing page.
  4. Following submission of your application an APSCo representative will contact you to discuss your scenario and applicable pricing and payment options.



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