The Great Resignation or Recalibration? Meeting the demands of the post-COVID workforce

11:00am Thursday, 2 December 2021
12:00pm Thursday, 2 December 2021
Technology and Branding Webinars
At your desk
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

As we head towards 2022, the post-covid workforce will take on a different shape, combining hybrid working models and very different demands from employees. Coined The Great Resignation – this is in actual fact a recalibration that will change the world of work forever.

In this webinar, recruitment marketing expert Mike Beeley will discuss what's ahead for the post-COVID workforce and how your business might prepare for this new world of work. Learn how to go back to basics but embrace new technologies to reprogram your approach to talent acquisition and employee retention.

Our Presenter

Mike Beeley
Chief Executive Officer
Lightbox Communications


Starting his Recruitment Marketing career in 1985 in the UK, Mike moved to Australia in 1989 and has spent the last 30+ years helping global and local organisations uncover and understand their EVP, and market their employment proposition to their target audiences through traditional and emerging media channels and technologies.

Through his agency Lightbox Communications, he supports organisations in both the public and private sectors in building the resources to create talent pipelines through a strong employer brand and talent experience process. He is a regular speaker on how talent acquisition and retention can form the backbone of a strong workforce plan.


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