Whether it be a social media campaign, website/landing page, online initiative or use of video this award will highlight the best use of digital media in recruitment, highlighting creativity, impact and results.


APSCo Australia Members can nominate in the Awards for Excellence at no cost.

Non-Member submissions will be accepted at a fee of $220.00 plus GST per category entered.

Non-Members will be required to attach a completed Credit Card Authority at submission. Multiple entries will be processed as one payment.



Please prepare your criteria responses outside of this portal before finalising your submission.

Partially-completed entries are unable to be saved in draft format.

Membership status

Non-Member nominations must be submitted with payment details to be considered a valid entry.
If you are a Non-Member, please download and complete the Credit Card Authority and upload where requested below.
If you are unsure of your Member status, email paul@apscoau.org to confirm before submitting.

Company Details

Please provide the following information so that the judges can consider your entry in context. All information provided is treated in confidence and is only made available to the judging panel for the specific purpose of judging your nomination.

Nomination Content

Please note: Nominations will not be considered if they exceed the specified word limit noted below the question.

Max 250 words

Max 500 words

Max 500 words

Supporting Documentation

Non-Member nominations require a fully executed Credit Card Authority to be uploaded below to be accepted for judging.
If you have not already done so, there is a link to download the form in the body at the top of this form.

Additionally you may submit up to three relevant documents in pdf format to support your nomination. Document size is system restricted to 20MB.


Deadline and Submission

If you require any advice or help regarding your award nomination please contact Carly Fordred at carly@apscoau.org
Nominations for the 2022 APSCo Australia Awards for Excellence close Friday August 5.