ITCRA Announcements


The Annual General Meeting of the Information Technology Contract & Recruitment Association Pty Ltd (a company limited by guarantee) ACN 143 665 025 will be held:

  • WHERE: Clicks IT Recruitment offices, Training Room 1, Level 35, 360 Collins Street Melbourne - click here for map
  • WHEN: Thursday 24th November 2016
  • TIME: 11.00am sharp until 11.30am

Ordinary Business
1. Apologies and proxies
2. To confirm the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 26th November, 2015 in Sydney.
3. To receive the Reports of the President, the CEO and the Directors’ Report including the Financial Report for year ending June 30, 2016.
4. To vote on the following Resolutions – Explanatory Notes and Reference Materials provided.

To register to attend the AGM, please CLICK HERE

The Meeting will be followed by light lunch and networking with the Board of Directors and key Partners and Supporters. To register to attend the Networking Lunch only, please email Jo Hitchin

As you are aware, the ITCRA Board of Directors has, with the support of Members through consultation and voting, agreed to merge with the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (Global) in order to ensure that the demand for ITCRA to become a voice for other companies in the broader professional staffing sector is realised.

Members have voted throughout the process to support this merger with APSCo Global and become part of an organisation that spans the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong and Germany. The opportunities will continue to unfold over time but the day to day business of representing the needs of professional staffing companies across our target verticals: IT & Telecommunications, Engineering, Banking, Finance & Insurance, Graduate Recruitment and Accounting; will continue but with a greater depth of resources and an expanded Membership base.

APSCo Global recognises the mobility of the professional workforce and the importance of organisations who represent that workforce. It is becoming more and more important to have a global voice on issues related to the role of staffing companies, to have standards that are recognised across borders by clients and regulators and to provide statistics and metrics that truly highlight our worth to economies across the globe.

The most significant factor will be a unified lobbying and advocacy program with respect to the value of a mobile, flexible and professional workforce, managed by quality recruitment organisations in multiple locations.

APSCo Australia (an entity of APSCo Global) will not change the way local Directors, Committees and the Secretariat operate – nor will it change the support Members receive or the direction on issues and programs. What will change is the access to increased resources, cross border recognition and the engagement of a global voice on important issues affecting the sector.

In order to complete this process Members must vote, as per the Constitution, on a name change and on a change to Membership category titles to mirror the APSCo Memberships in other countries.

AGM Documents:

  1. The Notice of the 18th Annual General Meeting
  2. Minutes of ITCRA AGM 26 11 2015
  3. The Appointment of Proxy Notice
  4. The Resolutions
  5. The Explanatory Statement to the Member Resolutions
  6. APSCo Australia - Clean Constitution & 6.A ITCRA Marked Up Constitution
  7. APSCo Australia - Clean Rules & 7.A ITCRA Marked Up Rules

ITCRA Member Satisfaction Survey

Late in 2014 the ITCRA Board of Directors released a Member Satisfaction Survey to review the acceptance of the revised Membership Structure

The Board developed key strategies, values and goals as a draft for 2015-2018, based on Membership feedback over the last two years and, in response to changes in the practices of ICT recruitment and contracting.

The Member Satisfaction Survey took the unusual position of introducing the draft key strategies and values for the next three years for Members to prioritise and provide feedback on and, at the same time, capture current programs and initiatives under the draft goals – to assess what is and isn’t of value to Members.

The results of the survey have been reviewed by the ITCRA Board and are available to download here.

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  • Plutus Payroll
  • VicSuper 2
  • SACS Consulting