Professional Staffing Trends

APSCo Australia continues to develop, with Burning Glass Technology and SkillsMatch, a Professional Staffing Trends program that includes a range of reports which address the demand for “data driven commentary that stands out for its analysis of human capital trends in the professional staffing sector and, more importantly, delivers business insights as I consider diversification both in geographies and industry sectors” ITCRA/APSCo Membership survey feedback December 2016.

What is SkillsMatch?

SkillsMatch is a monthly reporting program of data from APSCo Australia Members’ systems that includes: roles advertised (position title and requirements), salaries offered, roles filled and time-to-fill for both contract and permanent as well as locations and client demand. The data is provided to APSCo Australia by participating Members on a set day each month so ongoing analysis of market trends is readily available. With over twelve years of information available, SkillsMatch is a unique, comprehensive dataset of mainly ICT placement & contracting trends that is not captured in any other sector. This is not a survey – it is raw data supplied by some of the most significant contracting and recruitment organisations across Australia.

What does SkillsMatch provide?

  • A unique, simplified, quality protected data collection process for APSCo Members in Australia to submit data for inclusion in the reports.
  • A quarterly infograph delivering an overview of the key shifts in data that affect the ICT and professional staffing sector in terms of business conditions, human capital needs, recruitment and contracting activity, and market expectations.
  • Data and commentary input to the APSCo Professional Staffing Trends Review (ANZ). This Review provides wide ranging commentary on professional staffing trends across local and international markets, with discussion and analysis of data from the past twelve months, as well as the forecasting of views from major commentators, on the year ahead.
  • Preparation of Custom Reports, on request, using specific datasets to meet your unique requirements. Within a week, your report will be ready for download and you will have the information you need to inform your decisions on business development, data preparation for tenders or respond to client queries. NOTE: Companies contributing SkillsMatch data can request additional reports at no cost. More details here

How can my company become involved in SkillsMatch?

  • Companies who engage with and supply talent in the professional staffing sector can contact the SkillsMatch Project Manager Carmel Barker to discuss submitting data – the submission process has never been easier!
  • If you wish to receive the infograph and the annual Professional Staffing Trends Review contact Jo Hitchin to be included in the mailing list.
  • If you wish to discuss any of the reports in more detail for research or media commentary contact Julie Mills
  • Any general questions relating to SkillsMatch please contact the SkillsMatch Project Manager, Carmel Barker - 03 8622 4773.

APSCo Australia thanks these Affiliates for their support of this program

  • Intech Bank
  • APostive Cashflow
  • RechTech
  • Interactive Manpower Solutions Pvt. Ltd
  • Plutus Payroll