People & Talent Management Standard

The People & Talent Management Standard (PTM) in partnership with Certex International sets best practice for organisations which recruit and manage workers.

Protecting the rights of workers, at the same time as ensuring the ability of the employer to attract and retail the right workers, is becoming increasingly challenging. The obligations imposed on business through legislation have increased, and in many cases penalties for breaches have increased as well.

This Standard provides ITCRA Members the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to best practices and establish themselves as leaders in the contracting and recruitment industry.

The People & Talent Management Standard consists of six modules:

1. Recruitment Management - outlines the key elements of the process for recruiting personnel and on-hire workers.

2. Talent Management - outlines the key elements for managing and retaining workforce capabilities in an organisation.

3. Immigration Management - This section assesses the organisation's awareness of and compliance with obligations regarding the right to work and can be an effective way to reduce a significant risk to your business.

4. Privacy Management - This section promotes practical and effective management of personal information in accordance with privacy legislation.

5. Safety Management - This section sets out the main requirement for maintaining a safe work environment and ensuring workers are properly trained and supervised to carry out their work in a safe manner.

6. Quality Management - This section requires that the business adhere to the internationally accepted principles of Plan Do Check Act, but requires a less intensive and less extensive management system than the international standard, An organisation seeking certification in any other module of the PTM Standard must also meet the requirements of this quality module.

To support companies to engage with the PTM Standard ITCRA has available for Members a weekly webinar program covering the six modules of the standard. To assist companies in having the appropriate policies, procedures and compliant documentation Service Excellence Consulting and ITCRA have partnered to provide low cost quality templates. These can be purchased individually in module specific packs or as a total suite from the ITCRA Shop.

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