A Benchmark assessment program for white collar WHS

What is iSafe?

iSafe is a unique collaboration between professional staffing companies and their clients to deliver a consultative WHS risk assessment program. The program includes system, document and site assessments to provide a centralised solution for work health and safety risk management when there are multiple parties involved in managing the workforce.

APSCo Australia manages the program on behalf of these companies who are all committed to the notion that “everyone has a right to a safe work environment.”

Under the Modern Work, Health and Safety legislation all businesses that engage workers are required to have a work safety management system. Businesses also must be able to prove due diligence in managing a safe workplace.

iSafe sets the standard for companies who supply or manage professional talent and their clients and their contractors and ensures a quality benchmark at all times.

Why would my company implement iSafe?

  • Access to qualified WHS consultants to ensure your client site and systems assessments meet legislative requirements
  • Assurance that the policies and procedures in clients workplaces capture the requirements of having contractors onsite, not just direct employees
  • Availability of resources, reports and recommendations that provide consistency in WHS management
  • Reduced business risk through a centralised, quality managed process that is an industry benchmark

How does iSafe deliver?

  • Ensures all WHS site and system reports and follow up are managed to the same quality benchmark
  • Delivers consultation, co-operation and co-ordination through a centralised team of qualified WHS practitioners
  • Documents a process for WHS Risk Management, where there are multiple parties involved, that ensures stakeholder engagement
  • Provides an opportunity for a collaborative process for overall practice improvement

Questions to consider

  • Does your WHS Risk Management program reflect the consultation, co-operation and co-ordination of a PCBU?
  • Do you have a dedicated role for WHS Risk Management and don’t where to start?
  • Does your company have a clear understanding of its responsibilities to clients and contractors and the potential liabilities under WHS, EEO and Anti-Discrimination legislation?
  • Are you and your Directors aware of the level of fines and charges applying to line managers and company directors in the case of WHS breaches?
  • Increasing risk of “non-physical injuries” i.e. sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination highlights the need for a centrally managed standard of assessment and review.

An iSafe licence includes:

  • Access to all available iSafe client site reports in the states and/or territories your licence covers - View the latest iSafe Client List here
  • Opportunity to request new client site systems and document reviews and site inspections
  • Regular webinars on WHS compliance
  • Regular updates on a risk mitigation strategies provided by the consultants and our iSafe sponsor Arthur J Gallagher
  • Opportunity for brand recognition to clients, Governments and your peers as a company committed to quality workplace health and safety
  • Monthly iSafe Snapshot including risk mitigation recommendations from the WHS consultants and Arthur J Gallagher insurance,
  • Core WHS Template policies and procedures
  • Recognition as an iSafe Company

An iSafe Subscription includes:

  • All available iSafe client assessments,
  • Regular webinars on WHS compliance,
  • Monthly iSafe Snapshot including risk mitigation recommendations from the WHS consultants and Arthur J Gallagher insurance,
  • Core WHS template policies and procedures

Additional Resources including template contracts, policies and procedures are available from The Shop

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