The APSCo Australia Certification program demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to providing your candidates and clients with highly experienced recruitment professionals who have an extensive knowledge of the contracting and recruitment sector, with specific modules for ICT. The program is a self-managed learning program that allows flexibility through a combination of readings, webinars and external training providers to ensure those completing Certification have the necessary competencies, knowledge and reference tools to deliver best practice outcomes.

The key areas of study are:

  • The APSCo Australia Code of Conduct
  • Recruitment Skills
  • IT General Knowledge
  • Legislation & Compliance
  • Reference Checking

Becoming APSCo Australia Certified

The APSCo Australia Certification Program is packaged in a way to make it convenient for you to access all the resources you need. Buy the full package and save.

The full Certification package consists of:

7 booklets (e-downloads) covering the APSCo Code of Conduct, Legislation & Compliance components and Reference Checking. These readings have been developed by our legal advisers and are reviewed every year.

3 webinars covering aspects of recruitment skills.( Presented by Recruitment Juice, Fusion Training, Recruitment Academy)

These will each be held live twice a year, and are available as recordings if you cannot attend in person. Attendance is not compulsory, especially if you have much recruitment experience. However, they do provide a good refresher for all consultants. Viewing of a video concerning your area of recruitment specialisation. Social Talent are developing video for IT recruiters to help them understand IT roles and how to use your knowledge of them when talking with your clients and candidates. Viewing is not compulsory, especially if you have a strong IT background but it is recommended as a refresher for all consultants. Further resources will be available soon for other areas of specialisation.

An online exam

The exam consists of 50 questions, being a combination of multiple-choice, true/false and missing words. You will have 75 minutes to complete the exam and, if time permits, you can review your answers. You must achieve at least 60% to pass. There is feedback available on completion and a statement identifying your result. If you fail the exam, the cost to re-sit is $90 + GST.

On successful completion you will referred to as an APSCo Australia Recruitment Professional.

All study materials are now available online - free access is give to Certification Package Holders - Log in and click here to access.

How To Purchase

Purchase access to all of this now for just $A475 (inc GST) - to purchase the Package go to the Shop here

Alternatively, purchase multiple Packages at discounted rates - see below.

If you purchase now in the Shop here and select quantity, Jo Hitchin will then contact you regarding your free additional Packages.

3 packages purchased APSCo Australia will provide 1 additional package at no charge in any 12-month cycle $1,425.00 $475.00
5 packages purchased APSCo Australia will provide 2 additional packages at no charge in any 12-month cycle $2,375.00 $950.00
10 packages purchased APSCo Australia will provide 4 additional packages at no charge in any 12-month cycle $4,750.00 $1,900.00
20 packages purchased APSCo Australia will provide 8 additional packages at no charge in any 12-month cycle $9,500.00 $3,800.00
More than 20 packages purchased APSCo Australia will provide 10 additional packages in any 12-month cycle TBC $4,750.00+

Individual Components Available for Purchase

Booklets- $A 27.50 (inc GST) - to purchase go to the Shop here
Webinars- $A 27.50 (inc GST) - to view the webinars currently available, go to the Events calendar here or purchase pre-recorded versions in the Shop here
Exam- $A 330 (inc GST) - to purchase go to the Shop here

To Maintain Certification Integrity

  • Every year you will be required to renew your Certification with a short 10-Question Quiz.

Once purchased, Certification modules and packages are the property of the company, not an individual.
If a consultant leaves the company before beginning the program, the company can transfer the materials to another consultant in the company, so long as the package is allocated within 12 months of purchase date.
The individual cannot take the program materials with him/her if the program has not commenced.

The Certification program must be completed in 12 months from registration.

For all other enquiries please contact Jo Hitchin

To view the Code of Conduct Overview for Certification download the document here

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