High performing recruiters - from a point of influence Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

Michelle Rushton, Director of People of Influence will join Dianne Gibert in this Across the MD’s Desk webinar to discuss key behaviours that sustain long term high performance and deliver a competitive edge.

What’s a great employee experience for recruiters – from a wellness perspective Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

In this first of a series of webinars Dr Natalie Flatt Ph.D will outline her awareness of and findings from working with a number of professional staffing & recruitment organisations through her practice and Connect Wellness program.

Misconduct versus poor performance Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

Join Julie Mills, APSCo Managing Director and Peterson Collarde, Business Development Partner employsure as we address the difference between misconduct versus poor performance.

Unfair Dismissals Your responsibilities explained Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

Explore how the multi-faceted responsibility arrangements that APSCo Members have to manage (client, candidate and other providers) can be strengthened to ensure unfair dismissal is not an issue for their business.

When running a business you make choices about responsibility Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

As a business owner/manager where do your responsibilities begin and end and what are some of the scenarios where the lines are blurred?

Don’t be in the Dark on Social Media in Workplaces Members $0 Non - members $88 GST inclusive

The webinar will consider some recent decisions on use of social media and discuss, in detail, the boundaries for social media in recruitment and workplaces generally.

Recording from Bartier Perry: Out of hours do matter Members only $0

Recording from Bartier Perry: Complaint handling in the modern workplace: doing it better Members only $0 Non