APSCo Australia strongly advocates the need to navigate a new way forward to keep the best traditions of a” fair go for all”, while taking Australia into a digital and global marketplace where work is as often defined by the individual as it is by the enterprise or indeed the legislation. APSCo knows Australia needs to move from being comfortable with the traditional worker arrangements where business and employment is concerned, to being smart, agile and globally relevant. This will require a collaborative and creative approach between Government, business, professional staffing companies, and the workers themselves, to challenge all forms of worker engagement and take a much broader view of what represents a worker – because it will be the worker who defines the future of work.


APSCo Australia Position Statement


APSCo Australia maintains there are nine steps to a creative workforce model for the future:

1. A strategy based on basic principles: quality work and protections; recognising choice; maximising technology

2. Flexibility should be protected, but ensuring fairness for all, and clear distinctions for those legitimately self-employed e.g. independent contractors.

3. Legislation should be clearly articulated to assist companies to identify the appropriate engagement models, for the changing labour markets

4. This articulation should also ensure workers understand their rights, including protections for new categories of worker e.g. dependent contractors.

5. Support and resources to ensure good management and strong employment relations practices within all organisations.

6. Realistically attainable ways to strengthen Australia’s skills needs for the future through the use of predictive analytics and the encouragement of ongoing education and upskilling.

7. Recognition of the need for a targeted, effective immigration program to support short term needs while developing the long-term solution.

8. Maintenance of a strong approach to workplace health and safety and to increased diversity in the workplace.

9. Strategies to ensure that the workforce of the future can believe in measurable progress in skills, in sufficient remuneration and in recognition for the way they wish to work and how they wish to engage.