APSCo Australia Certification Exam (2 pack)

The APSCo Australia Recruitment Professional Certification Examination is the entry point for recognition as an APSCo Australia Recruitment Professional and is available to consultants in the recruitment & staffing sector with discounted rates for APSCo Member companies
* Price includes GST where applicable
Certification Exam


What happens next?


When a company payment is processed, an email from our Professional Development Officer will request confirmation of the name(s) and email address(es) of the consultant(s) preparing to sit the exam.


The consultant(s) will then receive an email with access details to download the subject matter study packs and link to the examination.


The consultant(s) will have six months, from the date of the confirmation email, to complete the study and sit the exam. Once they commence the exam it must be completed in the allowed time of 75 minutes.


The exam is managed by an external platform and the results are delivered directly to the consultant and to APSCo Australia who will, in the case of company results inform the relevant managers.


The required pass rate for Certification is 60%.  If this is not achieved a re-sit examination is available for a fee of $99.00 GST inclusive


For any questions please email derek@apscoau.org 


The APSCo Australia Secretariat



Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours.