Privacy Risk Management

Data Cleansing Service

Has your business collected records that are now cluttering storage and your servers?

Are you are concerned that these records contain personal information that may be in breach of the Australian Privacy Principles?

Any of these situations can be readily corrected by engaging with experts to develop the correct assessment and approach to managing your data cleanse and then keep it on track for the future.

Privacy Risk Management Program

Does your company have a positive privacy culture?

Think about the answers to these questions:

  • Are you confident that the personal information that your business collects is appropriate, collected properly, used and disclosed only as appropriate, and is effectively secured against misused?
  • Do your staff understand why privacy management is important, and what your own procedures are?
  • Do you have an effective process to clean out and destroy personal information when it is no longer required or is out of date?
  • Is the data being properly stored and secured against hackers and thieves?
  • If data is being stored “in the cloud”, do you know where it is being held and whether or not it is being held in compliance with the Australian privacy laws?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, or you aren’t sure, then you may need to review your privacy management procedures and practices.

Privacy Webinar Recordings

SEC has webinar recordings available on the following topics:

Privacy and Data Security (Delivered 21 11 16)

Data Security: Reality or a Buzzword (Delivered 06 05 16)

Document Control - What Is It? (Delivered 11 04 16)

Data Quality (Delivered 13 10 15)

Data Security (Delivered 27 07 15)

Privacy Everyday (Delivered 04 05 15)

Data Cleansing (Delivered 23 02 15)

These recorded webinars are available for $55 GST inclusive.

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