Certex Immigration Compliance

ITCRA’s Silver Supporter Certex International has been widely applauded for this Immigration Compliance service. As ITCRA CEO I would like to thank the ITCRA Members and Supporters who assisted with the trialling and review of the service– yet another benchmark in best practice for all employers driven by a recognised ITCRA Supporter. Well done Certex!

New Certex Immigration Compliance Service launched at the MIA 2013 Conference fills vital gap in work entitlements compliance strategy, says Migration Institute of Australia

Addressing the Migration 2013 Conference in Canberra, the JAS-ANZ accredited Certex International launched its new independent third-party Immigration Compliance service to officials from the Department of Immigration, Fair Work Ombudsman, industry representatives, registered migration agents and immigration lawyers. With employers who engage non-citizen workers who are not legally entitled to work in Australia now facing heavy penalties fines and sanctions, this new service, supported by the Migration Institute of Australia aims to help businesses identify gaps and improve their immigration compliance. Managing Director of Certex International Dianne Gibert described the new Risk Assessment and comprehensive Certification Program as "an important new independent compliance initiative that will benefit employers directly." Ms Gibert elaborated “an integral aspect of Certex’s service is the unreserved commitment to third-party independence. As Certex auditors do not provide migration advice on compliance and/or other migration matters to organisations, a compliance auditor’s responsibilities are to independently perform a Risk Assessment audit and report on findings. Any areas which need attention presented in the report to the employer should be provided to their own registered migration agent or immigration lawyer to be resolved.”

Click to read the Certex Press Release or view website & information video for further details.

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