LabourInsight AusNZ

Burning Glass

LabourInsight ANZ is powered by Burning Glass whose technologies are driven by scientists focussed on delivering intuitive insight across a range of functions, including workforce and economic development and career exploration and counselling, as well as job matching. The patented artificial intelligence engine learns from actual career patterns as observed in both structured and natural language contexts in order to deliver an intuitive, real-time awareness of how and when people move from job to job and of the kinds of skills and experiences that lead to successful placement.

Burning Glass has a client base that spans six continents – now including Australia and New Zealand – and represents leading recruitment agencies, employers, software companies, job boards, educational institutions, and government agencies. A management-owned company founded by scientists, Burning Glass controls several active or pending patents in the fields of data extraction, information interpretation, behavioural profile generation, entity matching, and machine learning. Read more here

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