Health, Safety and Risk: Considerations for returning to work - Webinar Recording

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As COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease, many businesses and their employees are preparing to return to work.

APSCo Australia is delighted to welcome back Brianna Cattanach from Workplace Risk at Gallagher to assist your business with its workplace health, safety and risk considerations.

The risks associated with exposure to COVID-19 will differ from business to business depending on a range of factors including the nature of work, geographic location, business size, workforce demographics and clientele.

Some considerations may also include (but not be limited to):

  • Employee mental health
  • The current rate of COVID-19 cases in the local community or region
  • The current Public Health Orders (PHOs) for your area and how they apply to your business
  • The latest advice from authorities on control measures
  • How prepared is your business if there is a case of COVID-19 in the workplace?
  • Do you have workers that fall within a vulnerable worker category?
  • What are your current cleaning and disinfecting arrangements?
  • What employee communication and support mechanisms are in place?
  • Do changes to the business made as a result of COVID-19 change the risk?

About Brianna

Brianna Cattanach
Principle Consultant – National Education and Training
Senior Occupational Therapist
Workplace Risk, Gallagher

As the lead of Gallagher’s national education and training services, Brianna has been integral in developing and facilitating a range of bespoke workforce education projects and training courses which ultimately drive improved productivity, cultural, financial and most importantly people outcomes for organisations. Her projects balance best practice content with engagement and ensure that organisational collaboration and buy-in are at the centre of achieving results in areas such as mental health and wellbeing, injury management, safety, ageing workforce strategies, occupational violence and aggression and team dynamics.