Head to Head – putting mental health in the spotlight - Recording


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APSCo is proud to present a unique learning experience for Members and friends on workplace mental health.

This zoom recording follows a short play which addresses depression and mental illness – conditions which, if talked about more openly, can reduce stigma.

The play, My Dog Has Stripes, was presented by HealthPlay and demonstrated how behaviours of our team members can indicate something a lot deeper than what we can imagine. The storyline uncovered a need for empathy and curiosity to identify the root of the behavioural change and the power of open and supportive personal communication in influencing culture and productivity at work.

In this recording, a conversation ensues with our expert panellists about how COVID-19 is affecting mental health in our workplaces and what strategies we can put in place to respond to and manage these issues.

All proceeds of registration will go to support a new charitable foundation called the United Project, whose primary objective is to promote positive mental health in employees.

If you would like to donate to The United Project's GoFundMe page, please click here