The Program

APSCo Australia has partnered with Qintil to provide a learning and achievements service that helps companies access learning and e-book resources to support all levels of staff in their ongoing professional development. The service also provides the opportunity for all learning, CPD, work documents and certificates to be stored in one place, ready to be reviewed and/or shared when required.

Qintil also helps employers with Learning Manager, a powerful learning and compliance management tool. The program introduces thousands of courses and e-books to assist everyone to improve their knowledge, stay current in day to day business and role requirements and, more importantly, provides opportunities through e-learning using multiple platforms including YouTube, vimeo and other online content platforms. The program has materials for both consultants and contractors throughout their career, from new talent through to the more seasoned - equipping them with the knowledge and support to significantly drive their achievements to support commercial success.

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How to participate?

As a company:

1. Your APSCo Membership provides your company with discounted access to the resources in the Qintil Learning Centre

2. Your company decides which courses, programs and e-books you want to have available for your staff to contribute to their professional development.

4. Your staff then have access to comprehensive web based learning resources in a system called Learning Manager. Learn more here

5. The cost is reduced for APSCo Australia Members and is based on company headcount.

As an individual:

Qintil is the one place to access personal and workplace learning, to store all of your certificates, registrations and track your CPD including from external sources.

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What happens next?

Once your company has made the Qintil Learning Manager available there will be courses and materials that have been flagged as voluntary, recommended and compulsory and will be ready for you to commence your professional pathway no matter where you are located.