APSCo Australia is regularly asked to respond to changes to procurement models driven by clients and Government. The challenges faced by all parties are often quite daunting, as each has a responsibility to their own budgets, talent needs and talent management. The conversation is too often driven by political philosophy, dollars and streamlining and is often done without consultation and, more importantly, without consideration for the workers involved or the risks to business. APSCo Australia will continue to lobby and advise when asked but have strengthened our support for Members with a support service

APSCo Members need to ensure that their response to tenders and their bid proposals are carefully evaluated against risk and that the client terms and conditions agreed to can be achieved. In response to requests for support in this key business growth area APSCo Australia has established a Bids & Tender Response Support program that provides a 360 approach to responding or bidding for opportunities. The providers are all third party approved APSCo Affiliates and the services  are priced to give APSCo Members a clear competitive advantage. The Bids & Tender Support program provides a one stop shop for companies looking for recognised suppliers to advise and assist them in winning business. All agreements are between the Member and the supplier – there is no APSCo Australia involvement other than setting up the service BUT as each Member company is different the needs and advice will be unique to that company. The benefit is the shared knowledge.