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Episode 3.

Working from home or remote working – many of us find ourselves in this situation as a result of the current global health pandemic. So how will you cope with this change to your working life? How will you adapt? How will you manage your team and your workforce?

We speak with an experienced remote worker, Rich Lewis-Jones of SmartRecruiters, who is a huge proponent of the benefits of working from home.

He tells us how you can structure your day, how to manage a remote team or workforce, what tools and technology he uses and one of the most important elements in working this way: TRUST!

Please join our host APSCo Australia Managing Director Lesley Horsburgh and Rich Lewis-Jones as they discuss the ins and outs of working from home.

Episode 2.

We speak with a man who needs little introduction – if you’re in recruitment you‘ve likely heard of Greg Savage and his public speaking events.

Join Greg and APSCo Australia Managing Director Lesley Horsburgh as they discuss the highs of Greg’s speaking career, how YOU can get more involved in speaking and supporting your industry, and what WE need to do to develop the next generation of industry advocates and recruitment speakers.

Greg is open and honest about the highs and lows, and his anecdotes from a lifetime career in recruitment make for an entertaining and informative podcast.

Episode 1.

What’s the measure of your success?

As more and more recruitment agencies share their data around staff turnover, salaries, training and more – tapping into the numbers can give valuable insight into how your firm stacks up against the competition. Here Nigel Harse provides a window inside the newly released remuneration report.

Hosted by APSCo Australia Managing Director, Lesley Horsburgh.