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Episode 16

In this episode, Lesley Horsburgh speaks with Neil Merola, CEO of contingent workforce services provider, Entity Solutions.

Recently celebrating his 8 year anniversary with the business, Neil discusses the maturity and evolution of the Australian contractor market and why he sees our workforce as one of the global leaders. This conversation delves into compliance, workers' compensation, the impacts of COVID-19 and working from home, plus the all-important findings of Entity Solutions' recent workforce insights survey. But if there’s just one thing to take away from today’s discussion, it’s Neil’s advice on finding perspective and poise.

Episode 15

In this episode of Recruitment Down Under, Aaron McIntosh and Phil Cook from Bullhorn join Lesley Horsburgh to provide an update on how their business and clients are facing the technological challenges of the pandemic.

Today’s discussion covers: Remote working, business resilience and mindset, digital preparedness and transformation, the changing face and evolution of technology, the advancements of technology and digital automation in recruitment, plus lots more…..

Episode 14

Staffing Industry Metrics’ Nigel Harse joins Lesley Horsburgh to provide listeners with an important update of market insights from across the temporary and permanent recruitment market.

The last time Nigel and Lesley met was in February of this year. And then COVID-19 hit. So where are we now?

Nigel provides a frank update on what happened to the market earlier this year and the massive hits it took, which industries are currently seeing activity in permanent and temp recruitment, and what the future looks like for our industry and its recovery going forward.

This is a must-listen podcast for all recruitment company business owners, with Nigel providing the insights everyone needs to hear.

Episode 13

Health psychologist Fiona Lewi of Affiliate Member, Sentio Health, joins the Recruitment Down Under podcast to discuss the ongoing mental health challenges caused by COVID-19.

Fiona speaks to what she is seeing as a psychologist in the nation’s toughest lockdown city, Melbourne, and how those now in need of assistance are struggling with the lack of both physical and face-to-face contact, something that those who are suffering are in desperate need of.

Fiona and Lesley also discuss: The notion of mental health as the third wave of the pandemic, the signs to look out for in deteriorating mental health, how can managers and colleagues look out for one another? The role of intermediaries and EAPs, why routines are so important in this current landscape, and hy mental health first aid should be a major part of our future mental health agenda.

Episode 12

CareerOne’s Chief Operating Officer Moussa Namini and Chief Technology Officer Tome Acevski join APSCo’s Lesley Horsburgh to discuss the rebuild and rebirth of the CareerOne job platform.

Moussa and Tome narrate the CareerOne backstory and discuss how the business has returned to its core offering by rebuilding its job platform; with a focus on providing a top-notch user experience and matching quality candidates with their ideal roles.

As a new CareerOne user, Whizdom Recruitment’s John McCluskey joins the conversation to provide his feedback using the new platform and offer insights about what you can expect from the new and much improved CareerOne platform.

Episode 11

Col Levander of Ratescalc.com joins Recruitment Down Under for a wide-ranging conversation with APSCo Australia’s Lesley Horsburgh.

With 30 years in the services, recruitment and technology sector, Col brings knowledge, experience and wisdom on a number of topics in today’s discussion, including how our industry will likely emerge on the other side of COVID-19, recent changes to Modern Awards and the implications of the Workpac vs Rossato court ruling.

Col also share's his Ratescalc.com business story and most importantly, offers his best advice for listeners in today’s challenging market.

Episode 10.

Recruitment Down Under is pleased to welcome special guest Rod Hore.

Rod is a 40-year veteran of Australian and international IT and corporate advisory organisations and has undertaken mergers and acquisitions mandates, and C-level advisory to multinational and other public and private organisations.

Rod Hore joins APSCo Australia Managing Director Lesley Horsburgh for a frank discussion on current and forecasted market conditions for recruitment mergers and acquisitions.

According to Rod, the next 9 months will be crucial in determining if recruitment businesses can survive the current economic recession. Rod explains what sellers need to know, what buyers are looking for and how business owners can determine if the time is right to approach the transaction table.

Episode 9.

Having adapted quickly and successfully to a WFH model in March, many businesses are now planning to return to the office.

Whether it’s happening now or in the not too distant future, a new raft of challenges faces employees and organisations now planning to transition back.

Getting back to business is the title of a new e-book from APSCo Affiliate Partner, WorkPro and is the basis for this podcast discussion.

APSCo Australia Managing Director Lesley Horsburgh and WorkPro Founder, Tania Evans, are joined at the microphone by Connect Psych Services Co-founder, Dr Natalie Flatt, and Founder and Director of NextGen HR, Xavier Miller, for this multi-dimensional conversation about the challenges, the opportunities and the practical steps businesses can take to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Episode 8.

As we approach the end of the financial year, we speak with Paul Masters, Managing Partner of tax advisory, Sovereign Private, about all things finance, cash flow and, of course, tax.

In what's been a year like no other for business and the economy, Paul offers his thoughts on the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 crisis on recruitment businesses, what your business can be doing to prepare for tax-time and how your business can improve its cash flow position right now.

With a vast wealth of experience working with the recruitment sector, Paul also shares his perspective on how the industry has developed over time and how the M&A landscape has evolved.

Episode 7.

Recent months have been incredibly difficult for many businesses and their employees, affecting the financial wellbeing of many. The government’s early access to super and other support measures have assisted in the short term, but as coronavirus restrictions start to ease it’s time to take a longer-term view.

Join Sunsuper’s Brian Parker, Chief Economist, and Joshua van Gestel, National Education Manager as they discuss how the future economic and legislative horizon may look.

Brian and Joshua will also discuss key superannuation considerations for employers for the year ahead, the implications of the market volatility and early access to super measures for employees’ super, and how you can help support financial wellbeing into the future.

Episode 6.

We speak with the Co-founder and APAC CEO of recruitment management software provider, DaXtra Technologies.

In this fascinating discussion with Sergei Makhmodov, who joins us LIVE from Hong Kong, he explains:

How the DaXtra business and technology was born, what he identifies as the most important tech investment a recruitment business can make and why it’s important to set clear goals. How the Australian recruitment industry compares to the globe with the adoption and take up of technology, his predictions for the future of technology and the aftermath of COVID-19, and

Upcoming areas of focus and development for the DaXtra business

Episode 5.

We speak with David Maher, the Director of Right Brain Insights, a hands-on management consulting business for entrepreneurial business people.

David works with businesses to drive profits, and at this juncture, David has sound advice for business operators about maintaining and surviving through this pandemic.

In this wide ranging discussion with APSCo Australia’s Lesley Horsburgh, David provides his tips and advice for what SME business owners can do to formulate a plan for getting through to the other side of COVID-19.


Episode 4.

We speak with self-described bipolar businessman and mental health advocate David Westgate.

With reports of mental health issues sky-rocketing amid the current global health pandemic, David speaks with APSCo Australia Managing Director Lesley Horsburgh about how employers, managers and employees can have meaningful and important conversations with one another at this difficult time.

This podcast is a practical guide for those looking for guidance on how to approach and open up conversations about identifying and dealing with mental health issues inside their business.

If you would like to speak with someone regarding your mental health or well being during this time, please reach out to any one of the organisations listed here 

Beyond Blue has also implemented a Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service


Episode 3.

Working from home or remote working – many of us find ourselves in this situation as a result of the current global health pandemic. So how will you cope with this change to your working life? How will you adapt? How will you manage your team and your workforce?

We speak with an experienced remote worker, Rich Lewis-Jones of SmartRecruiters, who is a huge proponent of the benefits of working from home.

He tells us how you can structure your day, how to manage a remote team or workforce, what tools and technology he uses and one of the most important elements in working this way: TRUST!

Please join our host APSCo Australia Managing Director Lesley Horsburgh and Rich Lewis-Jones as they discuss the ins and outs of working from home.


Episode 2.

We speak with a man who needs little introduction – if you’re in recruitment you‘ve likely heard of Greg Savage and his public speaking events.

Join Greg and APSCo Australia Managing Director Lesley Horsburgh as they discuss the highs of Greg’s speaking career, how YOU can get more involved in speaking and supporting your industry, and what WE need to do to develop the next generation of industry advocates and recruitment speakers.

Greg is open and honest about the highs and lows, and his anecdotes from a lifetime career in recruitment make for an entertaining and informative podcast.


Episode 1.

What’s the measure of your success?

As more and more recruitment agencies share their data around staff turnover, salaries, training and more – tapping into the numbers can give valuable insight into how your firm stacks up against the competition. Here Nigel Harse provides a window inside the newly released remuneration report.

Hosted by APSCo Australia Managing Director, Lesley Horsburgh.