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About Us

Xref is a cloud-based reference checking platform for the secure collection of relevant candidate insights.

With unlimited reference questionnaires, progress tracking, fraud detection, advanced reporting, and user-friendly design, Xref is the trusted provider for businesses of all sizes.

Founded in 2009, Xref is the product of a frustrated recruitment professional and an MBA-qualified technologist who teamed up to improve the efficiency, consistency and reliability of the reference checking process. 

By reducing time wasted, Xref offers recruitment and HR professionals more time to spend on strategic elements of their role, adding greater value to their business.

Xref puts candidates in the driving seat, offering them transparency and the opportunity to manage the progress of their references. This, coupled with the online nature of the solution, delivers significantly improved efficiency, while collecting more data, protecting clients from the threat of fraudulent candidates and reducing the risk of any data and discrimination breaches.

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