Surprise improvement in the demand for, and hiring of talent according to October's Professional Staffing Trends data

Authored By Ms Carly Fordred

APSCo Australia’s October Professional Staffing Trends has indicated a surprise improvement in both the demand for, and hiring of talent. There has also been a softening of contractor remuneration with a shifting trend towards permanent placements.

The data has a “positive” feel and with calendar year renewals having commenced in November, it really does feel a bit like Christmas in the professional staffing sector.

The Key Data

  • 54% of the market in October were new roles,
  • 83% were contractors,
  • Days to fill (on average) - a respectable 31.
  • ACT continues to show improvement showing 9.6% of market activity.
  • Demand for talent across the market improved by 15% with ICT demand a healthy 13%.
  • Increases in demand (via advertising data) saw Education & Training improve from 5.9% to 8.0% and advertising by recruiters increasing to 54%. There was also a solid improvement in advertised positions.
  • With 14 days as the median for new contracts to be filled and 34 days for permanent roles, the market is returning to a level of normalcy during this last quarter.
  • The share of activity and participation favoured national companies with some softening for multi-nationals and boutique.

Thank you to our participating companies for their data input. If you would like to participate and access the interactive dashboard of data, please email 

To view the October Professional Staffing Trends Report in pdf format, please click here