Professional Staffing Trends Report for July 2019 suggests the post EOFY drop was heavier than usual

Authored By Mrs Melissa Hardiman

The Professional Staffing Trends Report for July 2019 suggests the post EOFY drop was heavier than usual.

The Report suggests that the typical post-EOFY drop off was slightly heavier than usual, with most activity occurring in new contracts and permanent placements. There was also a slight drop off in remuneration metrics. This softening was reported and mirrored in the wider market with a lower overall demand for talent. Overall the market remains strong, with an overall steadiness on the six-monthly moving averages. This has also been noted in recent Staffing Industry Metrics Reports and other data being published. So despite the increased pressure of claims for worker entitlements, international trade war concerns, the declining dollar and reduced demand for some staffing and recruitment services there is not a lot of evidence, at this stage, in a drop in market confidence.

APSCo Australia has used the information in this report to support a number of on hire labour agreement applications, to respond to Queensland Government Procurement on key questions related to contractors, as evidence in our commentary to the ACT Government on proposed Labour Hire Licensing legislation as well as preparing unique data for several Members for their tenders and other client presentations.

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NOTE: Data for this report was contributed between 1st and 26th August 2019.

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