Our sector is champing at the bit to deliver the workforce needed for Budget initiatives

Authored By Ms Julie Mills

As an Association head I know how difficult it is to keep my rapidly growing constituents happy, so preparing a Federal Budget goes to the heart of political campaigning.

Flying home this morning from autumnal Canberra, after Budget lock up, and chatting with journos and public servants as well as politicians in Canberra this past week, I have been disappointed with the rhetoric around "boring" that has been highlighted in the Budget commentary.

When asked by Shortlist and in meetings with various key advocacy groups I stated, and truly believe, there is always a case for optimism and for opportunity in a sector as vital as recruitment.

Everyone wants a piece of whatever pie is on offer, we all believe our needs are paramount and it is easy to throw rocks rather than provide alternatives.

This Budget is like any other paper before Parliament. It has to pass through debate and readings, and concessions will be made and deals done.

APSCo Australia has directed its discussions with key decision makers to highlight the role our dynamic sector can play during this time of positive economic upturn.

We already have companies doing great things in the areas of investment the Budget has highlighted so my message to the Treasurer's office this week was: there is a 19.5 billion dollar sector that is just champing at the bit to ensure the workforce needed to deliver on Budget initiatives is identified, validated and correctly managed.