New Member resources: Licencing, mandatory vaccinations and more

Authored By Carly Fordred

We thought you should know we've added some valuable new resources for Members to the APSCo Australia website, care of our Partnership with legal firm, Gadens.

Labour Hire in Australia – what are the current Labour Hire Licencing laws? Member-only access

This guidance resource provides a snapshot of the active labour hire licensing laws across Australia, exceptions and non-compliance implications for labour hire providers and workers. Download here

Mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations in the workplace – is it lawful? Member-only access

While there have been many issues that employers have had to face during the COVID-19 pandemic, of late the issue which has received the most media coverage, and which has probably caused the most concern for employers, is the issue of whether an employer can mandate that its employees must receive COVID-19 vaccinations. Gadens have set out some guidance, based in part on the revised guidance released by the Fair Work Ombudsman. Read here

Making it Work - Transitioning employees back to the physical workplace - Webinar Recording

What will you and your business need to consider when transitioning employees back into the physical workplace? How will you make it work? Whether it's now or in 3 months' time - there's a new framework - and with it, a raft of new legal considerations.
Click here to view the webinar recording and download the webinar slides.