Modern Slavery module incorporated into the Talent Engagement Standard

Authored By Ms Carly Fordred

APSCo Australia has announced the inclusion of a new module in the JAS-ANZ endorsed Talent Engagement Standard to ensure compliance with the Modern Slavery Bill, which takes effect in Australia from January 1st 2019.

Under this new legislation, Australian businesses with annual turnover of $100 million or more will be required to produce annual public reports on their measures to address slavery risks in their supply chains.

The new module in the Talent Engagement Standard will ensure businesses understand and track their supply chains and enable them to provide information up the supply chain.

Commenting on the new legislation, APSCo Australia Managing Director, Julie Mills said, “businesses with annual turnover below the threshold may be affected by this requirement if they supply goods or services to a reporting business, and therefore form part of the supply chain of that reporting business."

Mills added, “the legislation requires transparency in the supply chain that includes:

·         information on suppliers,

·         their sourcing locations and

·         their potential risk of engaging slave labour."

Mills added that, “the significance of the Talent Engagement Standard is its flexibility to include additional modules, as legislation and technology changes, and the Modern Slavery module is a great example of this."

The Talent Engagement Standard is managed by Certex International.