Bullhorn's thought leadership adding value in the APSCo Index

Authored By Melissa Hardiman

Bullhorn has joined with other APSCo Affiliates to ensure that the knowledge sharing from their comprehensive market research is summarised and readily available in the APSCo Index.

In the last six months we have been fortunate to share diverse topics authored by various Bullhorn leaders. These articles include:

  • Four growth strategies to build a resilient recruitment business
  • How digital transformation is shaping the recruitment industry
  • Lifelong learning: the importance of technology best practice L&D in a changing recruitment industry
  • Shaping the female recruitment industry leaders of the future, authored by a number of Bullhorn leaders.

Julie Mills, APSCo Australia’s Managing Director has also been privileged to lead discussion tables at the Women in Recruitment forums hosted by Bullhorn.

Unlocking the potential of the modern workforce requires more that recruitment skills. It requires knowledge to inform, metrics to forward plan, compliance to risk manage and an intrinsic respect for the craft that recruitment demands.  

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