Bribery and anti-corruption – an issue for recruiters. Really?

Authored By Ms Julie Mills

When this topic was first brought to my attention by a Member’s client during a conversation at a conference, “what was the industry standard?" was the question posed. I was pleased because clients were now seeing us as the reference point for such information and bemused because I wasn’t sure of the relevance. However, on further investigation and discussion I quickly learned that this is yet another area where strong business practice, effective controls and staff awareness all contribute to ensuring your business isn’t inadvertently caught by an unintended action.

Today’s webinar discussion took a helicopter view of the current legislation, some key measures to review in your business practice and important conversations to consider with your clients.

We all know the high profile cases currently being investigated in Commissions and Inquiries but are we aware of how our businesses can be implicated through connection via supply. Hasn’t happened yet – but as we discussed today the investigations are always conducted through an external lens so, intentions may be honourable, but the outcome if there is an investigation may be quite different.

There are some key tips and recommendations that everyone must consider, particularly if you have a business with many moving parts. Policies are one thing but awareness, education and re-enforcement, as well as open dialogue about any incentives offered, are crucial for transparency and for the unforgiving lens of an external investigator.

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