Behind every great Certified Recruitment Professional, is a great Manager

Authored By Carly Fordred

In a world now dominated by social media posts and the opportunity to build personal brand, we often forget that behind each successful Certified Recruitment Professional, there are Managers and recruitment teams that display great leadership by way of support and motivation.

It’s often the push of encouragement from a Manager, the wise words of a mentor, or an internal policy crafted by a Training Manager to promote ongoing professional development that drives consultants to commit to improving their knowledge and professionalism by way of the Recruitment Professional Certification program.

These Managers and Mentors are at the cornerstone of driving APSCo Australia’s Recruitment Professional Certification across every recruitment and professional staffing business in Australia.

And that’s why APSCo Australia has been humbled with the response from these Managers and Mentors regarding the Association’s revamped Recruitment Professional Certification program.  

Since the re-launch just a matter of weeks ago, we’re pleased to have been in communication with almost every Training Manager representing APSCo Australia’s current Recruitment Professionals and, more importantly, new Members who want their teams to be the best they can be.

Their feedback on the revamped readings, resources and study materials has been positive and is an important step in the re-launch.

This engagement from Members, across all business sizes and verticals, and equally from individuals who have moved into internal recruitment positions re-affirms what we’ve always known, that APSCo Australia’s Recruitment Professional Certification is extremely relevant and considered essential knowledge for APSCo Member companies, and the recruitment and professional staffing sector at large.

The cherry on top for one high-achiever

While the Certification provides Recruitment Professionals with new-found knowledge and professional status, there’s another element of recognition that the program bestows upon one high-achiever. 

All Recruitment Professionals who complete the examination, and pass, are in the running for the Certified Recruitment Professional of the Year Award, a part of the APSCo Australia Awards for Excellence, which were launched this week.

Our 2017 Certified Recruitment Professional Award winner, Jane Knapp, Account Manager at M&T Resources, was recognised above more than 100 Certified Recruitment Professionals who were eligible for the Award last year, by receiving the highest mark on her Certification exam.

So, with another 2 months until the Award shortlist is announced, there’s still plenty of time for consultants to complete their study, undertake the examination, achieve APSCo Certified Recruitment Professional status and be in the running to be recognised as the APSCo Australia  Certified Recruitment Professional of the Year for 2018. 

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