APSCo Members nominated their biggest challenges and business goals of 2019 - and the first results are in...

Authored By Ms Julie Mills

APSCo Australia's Member Satisfaction Survey conducted late last year had an amazing response rate of 83% for Full Members and almost 100% of Affiliate Members.

As always, the free text comments are the most informative and give rise to the key strategies and events for the Association to consider over the next two years.

Overwhelmingly, the biggest challenge nominated by the sector in 2019 as articulated by the Members is the moving platform of legislation, the looming election/change of Government and the impact of regulators and policy on our sector and the broader talent ecosystem that drives our economy.

Business goals, as always, focussed on growth, diversifying business streams, better engagement with clients and developing strategies to grow and build strong recruitment teams.

So, it beggars belief that our first Leading Edge Breakfast event The Economics of a Robust Talent Ecosystem in Sydney next week isn’t yet sold out. This event was built on APSCo Members' nominated challenges of:

  • the political stage and what we can look forward to in the pre and post-election months
  • the client’s view of the world and their expectations of their talent management partners during times of change
  • a recruitment leaders’ perception of what we should be putting at the top of our discussion list as we plan our way forward in 2019 and beyond, and most importantly
  • the talent themselves – what will be the driving force for them in the coming months.

For those in other states who can’t be in Sydney, APSCo in the Round will ensure you get a snapshot of the key pointers to come out of this discussion, but hey… if you feel like a trip to beautiful Sydney, then I would love to see you next Thursday February 21.

You can register online here and even purchase a table of 6 to host colleagues and clients.