The APSCo Award Winners' Podcast - Best Performer of the Pandemic

Authored By Carly Fordred

The APSCo Australia Podcast, Recruitment Down Under, is back for 2021. To kick off the year, we're chatting with the winners of the 2020 APSCo Awards for Excellence.

Canberra’s Whizdom Recruitment was awarded Best Performer during the Pandemic last year, an acknowledgment for the firm that recorded the best performance from April through to September on the Staffing Industry Metrics (SIM) business intelligence platform.

In this first podcast, we hear from Whizdom Recruitment's Managing Director, John McCluskey, as he shares the secrets to his success and discusses how his company managed to stand out from the crowd.

Hosted by Nigel Harse of Staffing Industry Metrics, find out how and why Whizdom Recruitment was crowned the deserving winner of this strongly contested Award category.

  • What changes did Whizdom need to make at the outset of the pandemic and what needed to happen quickly?
  • How much automation is embedded throughout Whizdom's business?
  • What software does Whizdom use?
  • How important is data and analytics to the Whizdom business?
  • What does John wish the business had done differently throughout 2020?
  • Ultimately, what is the businesses secret to success?
  • Remote working and working from home - how did Whizdom manage this?


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