APSCo Australia's response to the review of the PMSOL

Authored By Carly Fordred

APSCo Australia has urged the National Skills Commission to consider the role of recruitment consultant, highlighting the need to review the PMSOL as Borders move toward re-opening.

Here's a summary of our submission: 

  • APSCo Australia’s research firmly supports the notion that the recruitment consultants, needed to support the supply and management of professionals, are key to ensuring Australia has access to the highest quality of talent (locally and globally) to drive projects and prosperity.
  • Recruitment roles within most companies (whether an APSCo Australia member, an internal recruitment responsibility in a major corporate or Government) have, as a key pre-requisite, specialised knowledge within the industry in which they are recruiting.
  • APSCo Members are finding it increasingly difficult to hire experienced recruitment consultants from within the Australian market and struggle to support policies to hire Australians with the relevant sector knowledge to then upskill in recruitment.
  • As international borders begin to re-open, bringing skilled migrants into Australia will be critical to Australia’s ability to stimulate economic recovery and support both private and government organisations. The recruitment industry holds a unique position in that by enabling skilled recruitment professionals from overseas countries to obtain a pathway to permanent residency, the recruitment industry will be able to achieve its projected growth, while simultaneously enabling the broader economy to thrive.

Members can read the full submission here.