APSCo Australia is the recognised authority for professional staffing & recruitment companies, supporting Members to unlock the potential of the modern workforce.

Authored By Mrs Melissa Hardiman

This is an exciting time as the Association grows their activity to expand from "Working for your Business" to supporting our Members to "unlock the potential of the modern workforce" 

What does this mean for your business?

APSCo Australia as a recognised authority

The Association of Professional Staffing Companies Australia (APSCo Au) is the only Membership body dedicated to supporting the professional staffing and recruitment sector, backed with a strong service offering and an increasing global reach. APSCo Australia MD, Julie Mills, is known throughout the professional staffing and recruitment sector for her knowledge and active lobbying to influence changes in legislation for positive outcomes for our sector.

Julie's 'Across the MD's Desk' webinar series is the flagship program, locked into more than 50% of Member companies calendars every Wednesday, addressing topics as broad as workers’ compensation regulations, social media in the workplace, management of digital records and the ever increasing labour hire licensing schemes. To see the full list of presentations available click here or register for an 'Across the MD's Desk' webinar click here. This is a no cost Member service.

APSCo Australia represents professional staffing & recruitment companies (*and suppliers)

APSCo Australia Membership is available to professional staffing & recruitment companies and Affiliate suppliers. The Membership program provides structured, customised packages to support and influence the development and growth of successful businesses and drive competitive advantage.

Full Membership of APSCo Australia is available to companies who recruit, place and/or manage professional talent.

Affiliate Membership of APSCo Australia provides suppliers and service providers with opportunities to build their profile, grow their network and increase business opportunities.

APSCo Australia Full Members represent a growing number of specialisms in the professional sectors listed below. More importantly, for clients and candidates, every company admitted as an APSCo Member undertakes a Business Verification Review (BVR) and commits to the Association’s Code of Conduct. There is also the opportunity to became accredited with the JAS-ANZ Talent Engagement Standard. This provides an increased level of confidence to the market that the APSCo brand is a benchmark that is more than a Membership fee and represents a measure of quality in a professional staffing and recruitment partnership. Click here for more information.

APSCo Australia professional staffing and recruitment companies are provided with access to training and certification as part of their Membership package. Certification as an APSCo Australia Certified Recruitment Professional sends a strong message to clients, candidates, Government, and regulators that the consultant, and the company they represent, are serious about upholding quality standards, committed to compliance knowledge and are an essential key partner for sourcing, supporting and managing talent. To find out more about becoming an APSCo Australia Certified Recruitment Professional, click here.

APSCo Australia supporting Members (*professional staffing & recruitment companies)

APSCo Australia develops resources and structures to suit the evolving needs of companies in the professional staffing and recruitment sector as well as their suppliers, clients and candidates. Our resources are designed to ensure companies have the essential information to manage their workplaces and their on hire and contracting workforces. The resources strengthen the management of the modern workforce and the Association ensures that the materials are constantly being updated to meet the legislative changes and market developments in the sector.

More than 200 resources including templates, guides, checklists, readings, presentations, recordings and matrices across the modules of the Talent Engagement Standard, which sets the unique standard for the sector, are available in the APSCo Shop – many at no cost for Members. Click here

Support and resources for companies on time sensitive issues as they arise,  are developed in partnership with Affiliates, to deliver solutions to assist companies to manage topics such as labour hire licensing, business advice line, single touch payroll – click here.

APSCo Australia unlocks the potential of the modern workforce

APSCo Australia has been collecting data from Members and other data aggregators for more than fifteen years and provides the professional staffing sector, its clients and Government with high level intelligence for unlocking the modern workforce and influencing policy. The analysis includes:  skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications that are in demand, as well as industries and occupations that are hiring, in fact on all matters related to the modern workforce. Click here

APSCo Australia leads the way in discussing the descriptors of the modern workforce in language that is relatable to the workforce itself, to workplace agreements and to styles of work. The Association and its Members also work to drive the language into Government and client conversations.

APSCo Australia develops, through its Leading Edge programs discussions, research and public debate on the need to develop ongoing, interactive career driven relationships with candidates that assist in career management, health and well-being initiatives and career transition guidance. Click here 

But what do our Members really think about APSCo?

Over the coming weeks the Association will be sharing a suite of testimonials from Members that demonstrate will show you the value of APSCo Membership to their business. Members love being a part of the APSCo Australia Team.

Here is an example of where APSCo Australia has supported 1Medical, from the day they set up business, to unlock Potential in their workplace, have their business operating at premium compliance levels and be regularly updated on matters that are always changing

So follow APSCo Australia on Linked In and Twitter and make a decision to be part of driving the value of the modern workforce and, more importantly, being recognised for being quality businesses in a market that we know is truly professional.

If you want to find out whether you are eligible for APSCo Membership as a Full Member, Affiliate please click here or you have any questions regarding your current APSCo Australia Membership or Resources, please contact us on  info@apscoau.org