APSCo Australia overhauls Certification program to deliver a new benchmark in recruiter knowledge

Authored By Ms Carly Fordred

The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) in Australia has today re-launched its Recruitment Professional Certification. This self-managed, knowledge-based Certification program is designed to inform and update Recruitment Professionals throughout their career and equip them with the compliance knowledge and support to significantly drive their conversations with clients and candidates to achieve best-practice processes and support commercial success.

Meetings with Governments and clients, as well as a recent spike in concerns logged with APSCo Australia from contractors and candidates, focussed the APSCo Australia Professional Standards Working Group to review what it means to be a Recruitment Professional in today’s legislative landscape.

APSCo Australia Managing Director Julie Mills explains, “There are three components of what is required to be a Recruitment Professional in today’s market that are identified in my meetings with Government and stakeholder groups: Knowledge of Legislation (the requirements to ensure Recruitment Professionals are managing and informing candidates and clients at a regulatory level and ethically against the APSCo Australia Code of Conduct); the Craft of Recruitment (the credibility that a Recruitment Professional needs in the face of continuous automation, candidate management and care, client relationships and service); and the Capacity to Deliver (which is an honest proposition to all parties).”

“APSCo Australia’s upgraded Recruitment Professional Certification is the first step in addressing the requirements of today’s Recruitment Professional with its focus on knowledge of legislation,” Mills goes on to say.

The Association has completely overhauled the areas of study to deliver a new benchmark in recruiter knowledge. The Certification focuses on areas of compliance and regulatory change that form the basis of best practice in the engagement of talent, including: The Australian Workplace Migration System, Regulation (Licensing and the APSCo Australia Code of Conduct), Employment (Contracts and Modern Awards), Privacy, Equal Employment Opportunity and anti-Discrimination, Work Health & Safety and Reference Checking.

More importantly, the Association has also identified that the Recruitment Professional Certification needs to be a” living” Certification, renewed annually, by examination, to ensure that knowledge and resources are current. The past twelve months have seen changes to privacy legislation, labour hire licensing, contractor engagement models and immigration, for
example, which have all impacted the day-to-day conversations Recruitment Professionals have with their clients and candidates.

“Government and clients alike are now demanding evidence of quality standards and knowledge compliance, in the companies they partner with, to source and manage talent,” Mills says, “and equally important is the knowledge base of the consultants they engage.

As a result, APSCo Australia’s program of raising the profile of the professionalism and compliance of recruitment and staffing consultants through our Certification program is gaining traction across a broad range of sectors.”

The program provides Recruitment Professionals with study packs which include readings, webinar recordings, supplementary readings, sample templates and checklists focusing on the identified areas of legislative knowledge needed to be an effective and compliant recruiter. The materials have been developed by legal advisers and reviewed by recruiters.

Successful Recruitment Professionals are recognised as Certified Recruitment Professional upon successful completion of the online examination. They can promote and profile their Certification, and use the APSCo Australia Certified Recruitment Professional logo as a badge of quality in front of clients, candidates and Government.

The Certification is available to everyone involved in the recruitment and professional staffing sector who wants to demonstrate they have the knowledge and tools needed to be an effective and compliant recruitment partner. Companies can commit to the program across the business or individuals can take this step towards professional recognition independently.

APSCo Australia’s Recruitment Professional Certification program has, over its history, validated the knowledge and legislative understanding of more than 1,000 consultants.

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