The APSCo Australia difference in 2020

Authored By Lesley Horsburgh

Today marks the 11th week in my new role as Managing Director of APSCo Australia. It’s been a whirlwind few months, with a wealth of information to digest, familiar faces to reacquaint with and plenty of new ones to meet.
During much of this time, I’ve been frequently asked the same question; “what’s the APSCo difference?”
It’s a fair question and one that I hope will become more and more evident to the Australian recruitment industry as this New Year and indeed decade continues to march on. But more importantly I think, is what our priorities are for 2020 and beyond.
First and foremost, we are here to represent the industry, to give a voice to the recruitment profession - help fuel its success and raise the bar on behalf of an industry everyone at APSCo is very much proud to be a part of.  
Our vision here at APSCo is to provide those agencies engaged in the placement of professional talent with a local and global platform from which to learn, share and network around the issues and opportunities that face their businesses, to provide a broader perspective for a world of work that is consistently changing.
Through the delivery of high-end content and information across a range of formats we will facilitate discussion, seek to provide solutions and enable growth within a changing economic and technological landscape.
There will always be challenges that face us and assessing both the risk and opportunities that lie ahead demands insight, sharing and at times liberal thinking. 
In order to play our part in widening the lense for recruitment companies, our events programs will see more interaction in the coming year, through a focus on collaboration, more compelling formats and topics that will assist our members to be ready for change.
Our advice line will be enhanced to ensure our members are able to leverage a broader bank of expertise to assist with their business, from start-ups to established firms, our advice line enables members to tap into key advice that delivers real outcomes, delivered efficiently and in confidence.
Strengthening our ties with our UK APSCo colleagues will continue to be a focus and will allow us to share political and market changes with our members that will potentially influence business here in Australia.
Learning and development will be given a renewed focus as we tailor experiences and education around relevant and applicable programs that will save time, enable growth and drive professionalism and knowledge across the industry. I am firm in my belief that as an industry association, much of success and indeed the success of our members will stem from our ability to develop recruitment professionals at key milestones in their career.
Our membership will continue to diversify in 2020 as we drive engagement across verticals that complement our existing member profile and help us to collaborate with a broader recruitment audience.
Whether it be the opportunities we create for all recruitment professionals, the conversation we engage in with our APSCo network, or how we unify with like-minded organisations to increase leverage and ensure our industry is heard, and indeed fairly represented, the significance of our connections and those that we make for others will underpin every initiative during this year and the decade beyond.
Embedded in APSCo all around the world are people that care about one of the most significant aspects of our day to day lives – recruitment. It touches all of us in many ways and can leave a lasting impression.
Our aim is to contribute to ensuring our members are equipped to make a positive impact and leave a lasting impression that counts.
I look forward to continuing my conversations with professional recruitment businesses about how APSCo membership can evolve with them in the months and years to come.
I welcome you to contact me directly, or connect with me on LinkedIn, if you or your business would like to learn more about APSCo in 2020, whether that be as a joining member, a supplier to the industry or even as a keen observer, I welcome your connection.
The experience that you will have with us along the way is what makes us different and we’re looking forward to making that exceptional in 2020.