APSCo Australia Affiliate Member announces exclusive offer for contractors seeking financial loans.

Authored By Mrs Melissa Hardiman

Media Release - Sprint Finance & APSCo Australia

Sprint Finance in partnership with APSCo Australia is pleased to announce a breakthrough for contractors and temporary workers seeking financial loans.

Banking institutions are traditionally hesitant to approve property loans to contractors or temporary workers as they do not usually fulfil the employment requirements. This leaves a large proportion of high earning contractors, freelancers and gig workers left out of the property market.   

Sprint Finance will now be able to obtain finance for contractors and temporary workers. The policy for what constitutes a contractor and/or temporary workers states that:

For Contract & Temporary Workers: 6 months in the position or 12 months in the same industry

For Casual & Temporary Workers: 12 months in the position or 2 years in the same industry

Contractors and workers who now fall under these parameters can borrow up to 90% of the property value for residential property purchases through Sprint Finance. This development follows diligent efforts from both Sprint Finance and APSCo Australia to challenge bank regulations that hinder contractors, freelancers and multi-agency workers from meeting bank requirements for a loan.

Sprint Finance has been long aware of the changing nature of work in Australia and is committed to advocating reform in the financial sector to better represent the realities of work in modern Australia.

To find out more about the benefits of this latest development for your contractors and temporary workers and to get the wheels turning, contact us on 0433 338 729.

Sprint Finance and APSCo Australia, working together to support the potential of the modern workforce.